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สล็อตTatler has released a tongue-in-cheek list of the modern symbols that signify status among high society.

Explaining that status can be awarded through birth, as is the case with the royal family, or hard work — think the Beckhams — the society bible shared the unexpected household items that prove your standing.

Among the unusual items were a hand-built pizza oven and handmade sloe gin — to prove you have a plethora of free time on your hands.

Outside of the kitchen, walking a whippet dog and owning an environmentally friendly Tesla car were essentials for any well-heeled socialite, while Japanese house plants and a wine cellar completed the interior must-haves.

Elsewhere, letters should be signed with a fountain pen, and visiting guests should be greeted by a strategically placed Grayson Perry plate — preferably personalised with your face on it.

A wine cellar 

Chin, chin! Tatler has released a tongue-in-cheek list of the modern symbols that signify status among high society — and a wine cellar stocked with 'port and vintage wines' is a must

A clear indicator that separates the upper rungs of society from the masses is possessing a wine cellar, according to the publication. 

Bottles of vintage wines and champagnes, as well as port 'gifted by the godparents should be at the ready for thirsty guests.

Tatler says: 'To be free to pluck a wine to match the occasion — rather than resorting to simply what's available — is a serious status marker'.

Rare breeds of dog

Woof, woof! Walking a whippet dog is sure to get you a plethora of friends and boyfriends, according to the publication — who advise that 'the leggier the dog, the better'

According to the publication your status elevates 'beyond all measure' if you take a trot around London's Green Park with a rare breed of dog by your side.

Women are promised 'new friends and boyfriends' with the addition of a furry friend by her side — so a trip to Battersea Dog & Cats Home may be due.

Tatler says: 'The leggier the dog, the higher the status — think whippets and greyhounds'. 

A fountain pen 

Yours faithfully! The society bible  recommends you buy a fountain pen — preferably engraved with your initials — to RSVP to invites, adding that it has a 'whiff of a public school'

The reliable old biro is said to be frowned upon in the more exclusive circles.

Instead, a fountain pen — preferably engraved with  engraved with your initials, is the way forward for would-be socialites. 

Tatler says: 'Thank you letters, lunch invitations and RSVPs can be scribed with one of these and the message is loud, clear and respectful — it has a whiff of a public school when hours would be set aside for ‘letter writing'.'

A hand-built pizza oven 

Fancy a slice? Tatler insists a hand-built pizza oven is a must, and should be placed next to a swimming pool for the ultimate guest invite

The hand-built pizza oven should be placed next to your swimming pool, the society bible says. 

Guests will be blown away by an invite to swim — and snack — though this presumably won't be a regular occurrence if the British climate is anything to go by.

Tatler says: ‘Come over for a swim' sounds good; ‘come over for a swim and a pizza' sounds fantastic'. 

Homemade sloe gin 

Sante! Described as a 'status assertion', the offer of a homemade sloe gin apparently sends out the message that you have a 'wealth of time' on your hands

As working is presumably an activity bestowed on the less fortunate, handmade gin is said to be a signifier of status. 

Described as a 'status assertion', the offer of a customised tipple apparently sends out the message that you have a 'wealth of time' on your hands. 

Tater says: 'The time-poor will not have flagons of sloe gin lining their cupboards — it would far more likely be shop bought.'

Japanese houseplants 

Green fingers: Japanese succulents are the recommended house plant to have, and a plant that demands the 'more time, the better'

Mere tulips and yellow roses should not be making an appearance in your household if you wish to elevate your status, according to the publication.

Instead it is recommended to invest in 'leafy, oxygen-emitting bonsai or towering philodendrons that speak volumes', จูดี้สล็อตออนไลน์ and take as much time and care as possible. 

Tatler says: 'The rarer, the better — think Japanese succulents or  Dracaena fragrans- and it's not the low-key minimal attention plants, it's the ones that demand time, frequent watering and a sought-after sunny spot by the window'.

A Tesla 

Va va vroom! According to  the society bible, being environmentally 'à la Prince Charles' is of paramount importance and recommends having a charging station outside your house

Encouraging readers to follow in the footsteps of '92-year-old pin-up' David Attenborough, Tatler recommends having an electric car and a charging status outside your home.

Branding the Tesla the new 'solar panel', the school run may soon be clear of 4x4 cars. 

Tatler says: 'Being environmentally tuned in à la Prince Charles is of paramount importance these days.'

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